Supporting SME businesses throughout Humberside, Yorkshire and the North

29th November 2021


We are not prescriptive and every assignment for interim support can be different and tailor made.  We have found, from experience, that support normally fits into the categories below;

  • Gap Management allowing the recruitment process to be considered without pressure
  • Finance function not delivering what is required
  • Funding projects including equity, loans, working capital, grants and other options
  • Managing cash distressed businesses and addressing cause of cash stress
  • Profitability issues holding back business development
  • Company turnaround and business recovery
  • Refinancing projects
  • Strategic review and support at Board level
  • Acquisitions including due diligence, funding, integration
  • Management information improvement
  • FD level skills missing from the management mix and management of business/financial risk
  • Accounting and business systems implementation and selection including ERP
  • Costing both products and services including accounting integration
  • Business divestment, exit planning, preparing the business for sale
  • MBO assistance

In a number of interim FD support roles Buchanan Holley have delivered multiple solutions covering a combination of the above.

We assess the situation and circumstances agreeing with the client clear objectives prior to engagement.

Why consider an Interim solution?

Delivers experienced and skilled resources to address business issues without long term cost commitment.

  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Dedicated support at board level
  • Outcome focused
  • No time delays – immediate impact
  • Frees time to focus on the business
  • No employment contracts or complexity

How much will it cost to hire an Interim?

  • Fee day rates agreed before accepting an assignment
  • Comparable to full-time executive cost day rate
  • No employment contracts to put in place
  • No expensive recruitment fees to consider
  • No long-term commitments or contracts
  • No downside costs such as termination
  • Fees are transparent and agreed at the start
  • No fringe costs, benefits or employers NI


Nick Harper (Chairman)

Harpers Environmental Services Limited

“Bob at Buchanan Holley did a fantastic job of sorting out our finances and finance department removing considerable pressure from myself while contributing greatly to the board and the company’s strategic focus in his time with us an interim FD.
Bob subsequently was appointed managing director and led the business successfully through to the end of the financial crisis and recessionary period before returning to his interim FD career”

Allan Mackay – Interim Chairman

Just Recycling Group

“I have worked with Bob in my own capacity as an interim Chairman in the waste recycling sector on challenging assignment. The financial management became a key aspect of managing the business forward. I can confirm Bob has a solid skill set and wide business experience and is a great asset to any company requiring an experienced and rounded FD support resource”